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Acting Captain Wesley Crusher | Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Naked Now. Star Trek Clips. Loading Unsubscribe from Star Trek Clips. "The Naked Now" is the third episode of the first season of the American science fiction She orders him to stay in sickbay but he manages to escape, making his way to the quarters of Crusher's son, Wesley (Wil Wheaton). Unaware of La.

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By Kigagar - 05:18
In Dr. Crusher's quarters, Wesley Crusher and La Forge are present. Wesley is showing La Forge a miniature tractor beam emitter he created. He demonstrates​.
By Makazahn - 13:50
CRUSHER: If you were any more perfect, Data, I'd write you up in a WESLEY: And since the Captain won't let me on the Bridge, I use this to.
By Kajigore - 17:40
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" The Naked Now (TV Episode ) Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher.
By Tygozragore - 13:40
The Naked Now Poster Dr. Beverly Crusher Enterprise and that gives them a head start but not before an infected Wesley Crusher disables the engines just.
By Faezahn - 17:38
Naked Now is a Star Trek: TNG adult het Picard/Crusher anthology with four issues. From Media Monitor: "More of those Picard/Crusher stories that you crave.

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