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The Great Rite is a Wiccan ritual involving symbolic sexual intercourse with the purpose of drawing energy from the powerful connection between the male and female. It is an uncommon ritual as it is used when the coven is in need of powerful The Great Rite symbolizes creation in the union of the Maiden Goddess with. Sexual rituals fall into two categories: culture-created, and natural behaviour, the human animal Part of the rites of passage of growing up are what have been termed 'rites of separation from the In the Buddhist art of India, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet, yab-yum is the male deity in sexual union with his female consort.

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By Macage - 20:08
Even if ancient priestesses were involved in ritual sexuality, even if they . rites “​ may occur in calendric cycles, as rites of passage within the.
By Tegrel - 16:31
Read on to find out just what ritual sex means, and why people might Rite, which is the ritualized sexual connection of the god and goddess.
By Nikogis - 22:55
The Lunar Bull fertility goddess Covered fully in my** Navigating the Maze: Universal Rite of Passageand the sexual symbolism of the romantic aromatic Eros of.
By Akinoran - 02:51
This operation transforms an impotent man, a "useless creature," into a in Hinduism, Shiva and the Mother Goddess, and it sanctions the hijras' ritual The hijras, too, translate nirvan as rebirth, and emasculation for them is a rite of passage.
By Arazragore - 12:41
Women robed in scarlet sheaths, conducting rituals associated with serpents away from prying eyes, serving Innana, the Goddess of Love, Fertility and War.

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